PAC Political Money Increases On Cable TV

The Political Action Committees share of media spending on local cable TV -- the dominant form of political advertising -- is slightly higher than four years ago.

Some 61% of all political ad spending through August came from PACs and issue-oriented advertisers. In 2012, this was at a 57% share, according to Viamedia, the large cable TV advertising sales group.

In addition, 29% of political spending is coming from so-called “down-ballot” political campaigns -- primarily Senate and House campaigns. This is down slightly from the 32% share four years ago.

The presidential political advertising share of all political dollars is also down a bit -- 10% versus 12% four years ago.

Viamedia’s data comes from more than 60 multichannel video programming distributors in 70+ markets, including most of the closely watched presidential election states: Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Nevada.

The report cites Borrell Associates’ estimate that political advertising on cable will grow by nearly 40% this year, versus 2012, to around $1 billion. The coming weeks should see a step up in overall spending.

Viamedia says nearly two-thirds of cable TV political ad spending in a presidential-election year is placed between Labor Day and Election Day.



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