Videology Enables Programmatic Access To Screenvision Cinema Inventory

Videology, a software provider for converged TV and video advertising, on Thursday announced an alliance with Screenvision Media that will enable advertisers to plan, buy, and execute data-enabled cinema ad campaigns with TV and video campaigns through a single platform.

The partnership will essentially enable Videology clients to apply online and offline household interest and transactional data assets to in-cinema ad inventory for advanced targeting. Screenvision Media offers access across its network of movie screens to advanced targeting based on ratings, genre, or demographics.

"Movie theater advertising has been around for years, but mostly relied on the context of the kind of movie that was being shown. As the advertising industry has moved towards data-focused solutions, we’ve seen huge value in the ability to segment audiences that are a best fit for a product. Now we can do that on the big screen," Scott Ferber, Found and CEO, Videology, told Real-Time Daily via email.



"By working with Screenvision, we will be able to ingest their inventory into our converged-advertising software and then apply data to intelligently decide what movie theaters are most beneficial to show an ad in. It brings to the theater the ‘right ad, right person, right place, right time’ mentality that has made modern advertising so powerful," Ferber added.

Advertisers can use Videology’s platform with Screenvision data to build a plan that best achieves their objectives, such as maximizing target audience reach or minimizing effective CPMs through data-enabled targeting.

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