Emily King, Seattle Denizens Star In City's Latest Tourism Effort

Visit Seattle, working with its agency Publicis Seattle, Vox, Matador and Facebook Canvas, is pumping out a raft of new content that showcases the city ahead of the fall tourist season.

For one series, Publicis Seattle created a content integration and media buy with Vox. As part of that buy, Vox’s creative and production teams partnered with the agency on the creation of the series “Been There, Made That.”

The five-episode series puts a spotlight on unique Seattle individuals, beginning with Grammy-nominated musician Emily King, as well as Caldecott medal winner Chris Raschka and Jimenez Lai, the founder of design studio Bureau Spectacular.

Another episode will feature Jeni Britton Brauer, founder of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. Her episode will revolve around crafting a new ice cream flavor inspired by Seattle. These episodes will live on YouTube, VisitSeattle.TV and Facebook Canvas. 



Another series, "Culture Trippers," airs on VisitSeattle.tv and in partnership with travel media company Matador. The series explores subcultures in Seattle, such as burlesque dance, the world of water, street food and nonalcoholic craft drinks. 

In addition to the new series the tourism campaign is introducing a unit leveraging Facebook Canvas that will give viewers a sneak peek of the entire Fall lineup on content. "Canvas is a really rich, interactive format Facebook has that’s essentially a little rich media, microsite experience," says  Britt Fero, EVP/chief strategy & media officer, Publicis Seattle.

Visit Seattle saw a record number of tourists in 2015, with 38.1 million visitors spending $6.8 billion, up 6% from the prior year.


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