NEW! McKinney Creates Faux Boy Band To Protest HB2

In an effort to protest the HB2, the North Carolina law that forces people to use the bathroom of the gender they were born, North Carolina-based agency McKinney created One More Wish, a fictional boy band capitalizing on HB2.

The band's website houses a 12-minute documentary that explains the group's story. The men were HUGE in the '90s but now lead ordinary lives. When HB2 went into effect and real bands canceled shows to oppose the law, the band reunited on short notice to take advantage of big venues in need of acts.

Rather than be disgusted, this band saw dollar signs. The best part is, the band isn't very good. The site features four new songs laden with '90s references. Think Y2K, the "Rachel" haircut and digital pets.

All efforts of the campaign were donated to encourage people to vote in new state legislatures and vote out gubernatorial incumbent Pat McCrory in November.



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