How Many Agencies Named Cake Do We Need?

OK so we have Cake, the SaaS platform that manages digital marketing; we have Cake, the "storytelling" ad agency and we have Cake, the UK-based design group which may or may not be part of Cake, the "storytelling" ad agency. With all that Cake on the table, you'd think an ad agency in the midst of a rebrand would avoid the name Cake and run in an entirely different direction.

Well, not New York-based Alexander Interactive which just re-branded itself Cake & Arrow. Apparently just adding another word to Cake makes it a very different from the competition.

Anyway, the agency, which over the past 14 years has done work for Saks Fifth Avenue, MetLife. KIND and Lowe's will now be known Cake & Arrow.

Of the new name, Cake & Arrow Founder and CEO Alex Schmelkin said, "Cake comes first because everything about us centers around the user. And Arrow represents the deliberate rigor of our methods: precise and resourceful from start to finish.”

Josh Levine, Founder and Chief Design Officer Josh Levine added, “One of our guiding principles is ‘empathy above all'. We succeed because we put people first. Whether those people are the customers we design for, or the colleagues we work with. Our ‘special sauce’ is figuring out what people really love. And everyone loves cake.”

Clearly everyone does love cake and wants to name their agency Cake.



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