Yahoo Brings Search Retargeting To Gemini Native Ad Inventory

Yahoo announced search retargeting through its Gemini native ad inventory in the United States, allowing advertisers to reach potential customers without first having to visit their Web sites.

Guy Levit, senior director of product management for Yahoo Gemini, said the platform can find consumers many times after they perform a search through subsequent searches or in Yahoo Mail, for example.

Signaling intent to a specific product or service and customizing content to a search query remains the key to successful retargeting with native ads. About 175 advertisers participated in the pilot, such as the agency Net Conversion, Levit said.  

Some pilot campaigns drove up to 20% incremental traffic while maintaining ROI similar to, or better than, what company experienced in their search campaigns, Levit said. "Some customers extend search campaigns into native and apply a bid modifier, so they can bid lower on native impressions or clicks. Others choose to separate it into another campaign."

Customers in travel, finance, retail and education are seeing consistently good performance.

Kenny Eisinger, analystics lead from Net Conversions, wrote in a blog post, that the company's saw conversion rates in the Gemini network rise 16%, average acquisition cost decrease 10% and average weekly revenue increase 30%.

The sale of Yahoo's core advertising business to Verizon for $4.83 billion apparently has lit a fire under the feet of executives. While the acquisition has yet to close, Yahoo continues to churn out one advertising service after another and become more sensitive to remaining top of mind.

Earlier this week, Yahoo joined Google and Microsoft to block ads from Indian services that help determine a baby's sex before birth. Laws in the country ban the promotion sexual-determination tests and related products because of an imbalance of sexes.

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