NEW! Milka Launches First Major Campaign In China

Milka launched a sweet online video in China, its first major campaign there. "Lost & Found" is a two-minute video that takes places in the fictitious town of Lilaberg and continues under the "Tenderness is Inside" brand platform that launched in April.

A man's job as head of lost and found at a train station is in jeopardy because residents of Lilaberg apparently keep track of their belongings. The man's daughter, determined to save her father's job, hatches a brilliant plan: Stock the lost-and-found booth with items. The girl gathers all the townsfolk and explains her dilemma. When her father checks a train at the end of his shift, it's completely filled with items belonging to Lilaberg residents. There's a toupee, goose, bike wheel, soccer ball, jerseys, tuba and a blue backpack that the man knows belongs to his daughter. Inside, she left him a Milka candy bar and a note we can't see.

The next day, the lost-and-found booth is bustling with people and the conductor who wanted to get rid of the booth purposely "loses" his hat. Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam created the campaign.



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