Hyundai Joins With NFL For Social Promo

Hyundai Motor America is partnering with the NFL for a digital and social promotion called "Put Your Profile On The Line." 

Through the platform, fans can challenge one another on the outcome of their favorite games, with the stakes being their Facebook profile picture. The campaign was developed by Hyundai’s advertising agency of record, Innocean USA.

Fans select their favorite team, then identify Facebook friends that they would like to challenge that week. Once this is chosen and the challenge has begun, friends put their Facebook profile picture “on the line.” Based on the outcome of the game, both fans will receive a link to the losing fan's Facebook profile picture with an overlay featuring the logo of the winning team. Both fans will be encouraged to share the picture to their Facebook profiles. Every time fans compete in a challenge, they will automatically enter a sweepstakes for the chance to win tickets to Super Bowl LI.



As the season progresses, so do the stakes -- from opposing team overlays to entertaining GIFs and other challenges. On the Hyundai site, fans can keep tabs on different friends' challenges, see how many Super Bowl entries they have earned and view past outcomes. The Super Bowl tickets grand prize will be awarded following the conclusion of the regular season.

Friendly competition between rivals is an important part of NFL culture, and the platform allows fans to showcase their passion, says Paul Imhoff, director, marketing communications, Hyundai Motor America. The goal of the program is to enhance the fan experience for football fans of all ages, he says. 

“With this platform, we can create great opportunities for friends and families to come together and enjoy themselves through challenges and the great rivalries the NFL provides,” Imhoff tells Marketing Daily. “The social media platform provides a great channel for us to connect with fans while they are enjoying the games, and getting more exposure to our brand.”

Hyundai also is launching a Twitter sweepstakes. Every Sunday, Hyundai will reward fans for their loyalty and commitment to watching and paying attention to the game. When the announcer mentions the word “Drive,” fans will be encouraged to tweet #BecauseFootball and #HyundaiSweepstakes. Every fan who tweets the the hashtag will be entered for a chance to win tickets to Super Bowl LI.

“The NFL has the largest and most avid fan base among U.S. sports, and Hyundai connects this passion with the enthusiasm Hyundai owners have for their vehicles,” Imhoff says. “This season we are all about making things better for our fans, and ‘Put Your Profile on the Line’ is a great example of enhancing the fan experience and harnessing the passion they have for their teams.”


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