Fireside Chat With ANA Chair Tony Pace

What current industry standards and trends are doing more harm than good? Tony Pace, chairman of the Association of National Advertisers, doesn’t know where to begin.

As a result of consolidation, “I think it’s fair to say that the number one responsibility of the agencies is to their holding companies,” the former Subway CMO told OMMA Video attendees, on Wednesday.

Serving the client first and foremost “has kind of gotten away from us,” Pace said.

To that end, Pace said there’s “a fundamental disconnect between marketers and agencies about how they’re conducting business.”

As such, “marketers have a higher degree of skepticism … and skepticism breeds hesitation,” said Pace.

More broadly, “we’re looking for a heck of a lot more simplification,” Pace said. At present, he likened industry standards to an unwieldy Rube Goldberg machine onto which we keep adding superfluous components.  



Among other measurement standards, Pace took particular issue with the IAB’s belief that one second constitutes a viewed ad. 

“With all due respect to the IAB … I’m not buying that that is going to impact my brand,” he said.

Those wishing to put Pace’s comments into more context might have a look at this recent MediaPost story.

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