Under Armour Launches First Snapchat Game

Under Armour (UA) is introducing an exclusive Snapchat game featuring Carolina quarterback and UA sponsored athlete Cam Newton.   

The game was inspired by the TV spot Droga5 created with Newton titled “Prince With 1000 Enemies” but the concepting and experience was fully executed by Red Interactive Agency. In coordination with the ad spot, the game is designed to feature Newton’s cleat with a continuous 3D running game appearing within the Snapchat platform. 

The game is accessible via any mobile device through the NFL's Snapchat channel for a limited time. Upon viewing an UA Snap Ad, potential players are prompted to swipe up to start the experience. Players are then able to share final scores within Snapchat and challenge friends to play via direct Snaps. Already, users are spending a reported average of 78 seconds playing the game. 



The agency developed it particularly for the Snapchat platform to incorporate its unique functionalities. "Through our collaboration with Snapchat, we were able to best understand their environment, its opportunities and limitations," says Roni Sebastian, creative director, Red Interactive Agency's Group. "For example, the game could not include any swipe functionality. We were thus able to find a balance in an experience that is easy, intuitive and familiar, while at the same time fun, interesting and shareable."  

For UA, this project serves as another way to push the boundaries of non-traditional marketing. “Under Armour is always looking for opportunities to connect with consumers in new and innovative ways, evidenced by our Cam Newton Snapchat game. By using Snapchat, we are able to directly communicate with a vital audience: digitally focused, on the go, social consumers with a love of gaming, sport and performance," says Jim Mollica, VP, global consumer engagement, UA, adding that it provides a unique social layer to the app’s typical function. 

The game is part UA's global marketing campaign, "It Comes From Below," which launched in July. 

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