Garanimals: You Wore Them Once, Now It's Your Kids' Turn

Gen Xers and Millennials may remember growing up wearing the children's brand Garanimals, recognizable for the matching animal tag theme to let children mix and match their attire. 

Now those children are parents themselves so Garanimals is launching an ad campaign to encourage them to buy the items for their kids.  

Developed with The Gate I New York, the “Big on cute. Small on price” uses humor to illustrate that the clothing is available at Walmart at prices starting at $3.88. While cost is critical, the brand believes that attractiveness is just as important to these parents so the ads are designed to showcase how the clothing is cute and durable. 

The TV spot “Crowd” shows how one inventive woman finds a way to get her son Garanimals without having to fight her way through a crowd of moms.  In “Juice,” a mom asks her toddler girl in a shopping cart whether she needs any new shirts. The girl responds by squeezing her juice box over her shirt while looking her mom in the eye, as a ploy to get new Garanimals. Finally, in "Forklift," a mom commandeers a forklift to shop for her soon-to-be-born triplets. The ads end with a voiceover promoting its value.  



The media buy is aimed at value-conscious Walmart shoppers watching programming that multiple generations tend to view together. This includes "How I Met Your Mother" and "The Family Guy." The spots will also air in Spanish during telenovelas. 

Earlier Garanimals spots focused on children playing since comfortable children are happy children.   

Garanimals parent Garan Inc. is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, which also owns Fruit of the Loom and Russell Brands.

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