Apple's Ambient Paradigm: Connected Devices Act As One For Consumers

Some of the advertising within the Internet of Things is going ambient.

With billions of Internet-connected sensors, marketers will have much better insights into consumer activities, movements and behaviors.

The nightmare scenario of intruding and interrupting the consumer with what seem like relevant messages throughout the day will not work, for countless reasons.

The ambient marketing will be less intrusive and not interruptive.

Apple is on a path to dominate ambiance, according to the view of a major investment bank in a note to investors this week.

“We believe Apple is preparing for the next era of personal technology, the Ambient Paradigm,” said UBS’s Steve Milunovich in rating on Apple stock.

“The key attribute of today’s transition offerings is the potential for multiple products to sync together and collectively offer an integrated user experience (UX),” Milunovich said. “This collective functionality and integrated UX point to a new era we call the Ambient Paradigm.

“The Ambient Paradigm consists of a many devices providing different input/output methods that can be flexibly utilized depending on the situation (sitting, walking, running, driving). Collectively, these devices offer the capability of earlier products and more delivered as a seamless user experience.”

The UBS note suggests that devices become extensions of one another rather than discreet, computing platforms.

Apple chief Tim Cook has referred to this idea as ‘IoS everywhere.’

A scenario described by Milunovich included several Apple devices.

“Using AirPods plus the Watch, one could ask Siri for directions and rely on the Watch to see progress along the route,” he said. “A pedestrian or driver could receive a notification via the Watch or listen to Siri through the AirPods.

“This shows the delivery of a user experience that is enveloping and natural. The technology is ambient. Each iteration of the Watch and AirPods will bring more compute power, battery life and capabilities. Over time, Apple likely will add other wearables and capabilities, such as VR/AR. Eventually there will be an ecosystem of devices capable of collectively offering the one thing Apple really cares about—an unmatched user experience.”

In this view, devices become extensions of one another rather than discreet, computing platforms

Time will tell whether the UBS vision of Apple ambience occurs.

However, it does portray how marketing and advertising likely will evolve in the Internet of Things.

Whether through a platform of Apple products or one involving many sensors and connected devices on different platforms, the idea of seamless IoT user experience has great potential.

That user experience will be less of being hit between the eyes with badly-timed messages and more of consumer needs being anticipated with messaging residing, in advance, where it will be most useful so consumers can be connected with that information exactly at the moment of need.


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