GoDaddy Fires TBWA/Chiat/Day

Say what? Didn't the former King of Silly Sexist Advertising just hire TBWA/Chiat/Day? Um, yeah, they did. Less than a year ago but late last week, GoDaddy decided to dump  the agency after having hired them just last November.  

When GoDaddy hired TBWA, the brand had just ended its longtime sponsorship deal with Danica Patrick who, for years, was the advertising plaything of former CEO Bob Parson. TBWA was charged with growing the brand's international presence which, apparently, it did though seemed not enough to shore up its relationship. 

Just recently GoDaddy International reported its one-millionth domain name registration in the United Kingdom which helped the brand achieve double digit growth. 

This past June, CMO Phil Bienert resigned and was replaced by former CMO Barb Rechtermam who served -- apart from Bienert's short stint -- as the brand's CMO since June 1997. With such a quick CMO shuffle over the past year, it's really no surprise TBWA got the boot. It may be that the brand will go back to its roots taking much of its advertising in-house.




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