Google Search Trends Data Surges For Political Write-Ins

Google Trends data shows that American voters are not happy with either Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton or Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, as online "write-in" searches continue to grow.

Searchers are now looking for other options prior to the November election. In fact, online searches for "write-in" jumped more than 2,800% during the past week, hitting a record high since 2004. Republican and Democratic stronghold states have the highest rate of searches — not battleground states — according to CNN.

Interestingly, Vermont, Delaware and New Jersey — three of the top market searches for "write-in" — came from solid Democratic states. Utah and Republican VP nominee Mike Pence's home state of Indiana round out the top five.

So who would American voters like to see in the Oval Office?

The write-ins, for the most part, focus on two politicians: Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and the Indiana Republican that Trump chose for a running mate, Mike Pence. Searches for Bernie Sanders, who faced off against Clinton, rose 2,750%, while searches for Mike Pence spiked 2,400% in the past week.

"In Utah, for example, where a recent poll found Clinton and Trump tied with independent candidate Evan McMullin only four points back, the volume of searches for "Mitt Romney write in" grew by 4,000% in the last week, explains the post.

Each campaign has its own problems. Trump's campaign most recently suffers from a 2005 audiotape that surfaced in which he uses vulgar and sexually aggressive language to describe women.

Clinton's campaign mostly recently took a negative turn after "WikiLeaks began releasing thousands of hacked emails from the account of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta."

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