This New Agency Is Winning A New Client Every Two Weeks!

Four months ago, Boulder-based Fact & Fiction launched with three clients and the mantra: In the era of big data, truth has never mattered more. I'm not really sure why truth matters more today than it did pre-Big Data but whatever. Since launch, the agency has been on a winning streak landing such brands as AAA, Alamo Draft House, GolfTEC, and The Evil Knievel Thrill Show Museum. 

Fact & Fiction grew out of IMM’s strategy and creative unit. A subsidiary of parent company Boulder Heavy Industries, Fact & Fiction operates as a stand-alone strategy and creative specialist shop which taps into IMM’s data and ROI measurement resources. 

Of the data-crossed-with-truth-approach to things, Fact & Fiction Partner Zach Baze said, “Data is one thing. True insight is another – and is essential to meaningful storytelling. The market has proven that it’s ready for a new approach that is fluent in big data as well careful, intentional storytelling.” 



Fact & Fiction launched with GM Financial, menswear-maker Knot Standard and USA Cycling as clients. 

Completely brainwashed -- uh, taken with -- the agency's approach, GolfTEC SVP of Revenue and Marketing Paul Wise said, “Fact & Fiction is like a brand therapist. They don’t simply pick the most convenient data points to support what they want to do or a channel they want to execute in. They get to the ‘white meat’ of what will make a consumer respond and craft great stories around it.” 

Awesome. As long as you're the kind of client that likes white meat.


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  1. Jonathan Hutter from Northern Light Health, October 15, 2016 at 9:19 a.m.

    Congratulations to Fact & Fiction on their success. But, if this election season has showed us one thing, it's that truth has never mattered less.

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