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UK Lowers Instance Of Ad Fraud

According to an eMarketer report, last year the Association of Online Publishers in the UK reported that 35% of publishers said ad fraud was a serious hindrance to their business models. Ad blocking was the only activity that was thought of as a bigger problem.

New data from Integral Ad Science (IAS) found that ad fraud is now less common in the UK. Only 3.2% of online display ad impressions analyzed on IAS’ platform were considered fraudulent. Three previous studies had that number at 5%, 7.8% and 9.1%, with the last one back in Q3 2015.

The UK also ranks lowest of all countries in which IAS tracks the incidence of ad fraud.

The IAS report also showed that programmatic advertising does not necessarily result in more ad fraud. Programmatic ads only saw a 0.6% uptick in fraud when compared to direct buys.

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