Smartphone Brand Honor Teams With 'Dr. Strange'


Smartphone brand Honor is looking to make a name for itself this fall, working with Marvel Studios’ upcoming release, “Dr. Strange.”

The tie-in will extend beyond mere product placement in the film to include a series of co-promotional online and offline campaigns, including a red-carpet premiere event on Oct. 20, and a “Science of the Marvel Cinematic Universe” event on Oct. 27. 

The movie, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, tells the story of a famous neurosurgeon who has a horrific car accident, and, in his quest for healing, finds is way into a world of magic. Honor executives cited Strange’s characters traits, such as courage and resolve, as well as his relationship with technology aligned well with the brand and its “For the brave,” tagline.

 Company officials said the partnership is the latest in a string of initiatives — including working in the worlds of music, gaming and extreme sports — aimed at reaching Millennials.

"We really want to bring our brand to life in ways that appeal to millennials. We are excited to partner with a global brand such as Marvel, which will inspire viewers the world over, in much the same way that Honor aims to empower and inspire its customers," said Steven Wang, Honor’s chief marketing officer, in a statement.

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