Adobe Adds Data Visualization Tools, Making It More Intelligent

Adobe began offering new features in its analytics platform Thursday to meet the increasing need for visual data on mobile devices as well as desktops.

One capability in Analysis Workspace offers a way for marketers to pull in data, search for insights, and visualize how consumers move through the purchase process. It can identify a group of customers based on their behavioral pattern.

It helps people build stories to help them answer questions about orders or campaigns, for example, said Jeff Allen, senior director of product marketing at Adobe.

Adobe improved on the visualization tool it calls Flow Exploration to make it easier to interpret the numbers, creating a story through the data. It also added Fallout Analysis, which identifies the steps happening before and after the "fallout" to initiate changes in the campaigns.

While the data is accessible to view on mobile devices, Adobe says the details in the data are better viewed on desktop.

As organizations push employees to become more data-driven when making decisions, Adobe wants to make it easier for everyone to use data without the need to become a data scientist.

So the rollout includes a series of new visualization tools within Analysis Workspace such as time-series analysis to forecast expected future outcomes or automatically detect data anomalies and run contribution analysis in one click to determine the cause of unexpected performance.

Histogram bar charts are available to help visualize high- and low-value users, while seeing distributions of customers for any metric. A clothing retailer, for instance, can identify users who spend between $25 and $50 as a key segment to deliver a holiday promotion, from example.

One new feature also allows users to compare data, year-over-year, month-over-month or day-over-day, presented in one graphic to visualize the change.

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