Nestle Toll House Taps Young Bakers For 'Bake Some Good' Campaign

Nestlé Toll House has chosen six young bakers from diverse backgrounds to show, by example, how rewarding it can be to surprise folks with a baked treat. 

Each day for 100 days, going through the peak holiday baking season, one or more of the Toll House Bakers will bake and deliver a goody to thank under-appreciated do-gooders or just brighten someone’s day. 

The group includes some chefs, along with enthusiastic amateur bakers who are involved in various worthy causes or community-oriented jobs.

"With our bakers, we're making sure our actions speak louder than words and empowering others who share our passion to change the world one small act at a time,” said Hyder Raheem, VP, Nestlé Baking Division.



The brand asked its social media fans to share ideas for baked-good recipients, and began the 100 days on Oct. 17, with a delivery of brownies to PAWS in Chicago. On day two, bakers delivered chocolate chip cookies to the Gilda’s Club in Chicago. 

In between the bakers’ @NestleTollHouse #BakeSomeGood postings about their activities, the brand is posting suggestions for other fans (“Surprise the PTA w/ some Butterfinger Caramel Apples”).  

Toll House will of course also encourage fans to share their own random acts of baking (so to speak) on its social media pages, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, using #BakeSomeGood.

The campaign will also include video and custom content on social, and a Bakers’ Blog at (launching next week) where the six bakers will write about their experiences. 

Nestlé Toll House recipes are also available at Nestlé’s baking brands/recipes hub.

Three agencies worked with the brand’s marketing team on the campaign: lead creative and digital AOR Resource/Ammirati; experiential agency GMR; and public relations firm Interfuse.

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