Teads Enables Advertisers To Turn TV Creative Into Vertical Video For Mobile

Teads, an outstream video advertising marketplace, on Friday announced that it is enabling advertisers to turn existing TV spots into vertical video for both Android and iOS devices. The vertical video offering enables consumers to zoom in on a video to make it larger than a typical smartphone screen for a 360-degree video experience.

The new feature is available to all Teads clients and will be accessible to all publishers using Teads’ ad server and supply-side platforms.  

Vertical video is essentially video shot on a mobile phone in portrait mode—a tall video vs. a widescreen format. Vertical video has traditionally not been used by video creators, marketers, and creative agencies because it didn't fit the aspect ratio of Web-based video players such as YouTube.

The popularity of mobile video apps like Snapchat that use the mobile-friendly portrait mode have helped grow vertical video, and it's becoming more important for advertisers looking to engage more deeply with consumers.



“Vertical video has the potential to become mainstream as it is the best advertising experience on mobile screens,” Teads Executive Chairman Pierre Chappaz told Real-Time Daily via email. “Advertisers have been challenged, though, as vertical video requires additional budget and resources to film brand new creative for the vertical screen.” He said that Teads' new technology aims to remove the hurdles facing advertisers, and enable them to easily modify pre-existing landscape video creative into a vertical format which is enhanced by a 360-degree effect.

A recent study conducted by Teads found that when compared to TV landscape creative on mobile, ad recall on vertical video was 2.9x higher, and those exposed to vertical video were 39% more likely to have a favorable opinion of the advertised brand.

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  1. Henry Blaufox from Dragon360, October 21, 2016 at 11:41 a.m.

    I suppose the key to adoption by agencies and brands here is to make this easy, so there isn't much if any agency side work to transcode the TV spots for phone screen viewing. Then will come the fun of measurement, as the analytics teams try to identify how many saw the ad on TV and mobile. Don't forget to throw in addressable TV metrics, too.

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