National TV NFL Advertising Sales Slightly Higher

NFL TV programming might still be suffering in ratings -- down double digits in viewership across many networks through a third of the season. But this has not been the case for national advertising revenues.

All national NFL TV programming has pulled in a collective $1.16 billion in advertising sales through October 21 -- with six full weekends/seven Thursday night games. That's up slightly from the $1.13 billion over the same time period a year ago, according to

To date this year, CBS has grabbed $445.1 million for all its NFL programming, followed by Fox at $276.7 million; NBC with $271.4 million; ESPN at $119.7 million; and NFL Network with $47.0 million.

Generally, prime-time NFL programming has been hurt a bit more than Sunday afternoon NFL contests when it comes to viewership.

Automakers are still the big category this year at $279.9 million; while electronic/communications wireless providers come in at $93.4 million; insurance, $82.8 million; quick-serve restaurants $77.1 million; and beer marketers, $56.1 million.



Verizon is the top NFL advertiser at $56.1 million; GEICO, $36.3 million; Toyota, $33.5 million; NFL, $33.1 million; and Chevrolet, $25.6 million.

A year ago, automotive spend was $254.5 million followed by sports marketers, including sports fantasy leagues, at $114.2 million; restaurants, $80.8 million; electronic/communications wireless, $70.6 million; and insurance, $65.1 million.

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