VOD Watchers View TV Shows Longer

The Video Advertising Bureau says people who access video-on-demand through pay TV providers watch 50% more of any given 30-minute prime-time program than live viewers, and 33% more than time-shifted viewers.

On average, they stay with a 30-minute prime-time program for 24 minutes, 16 minutes for live viewing, and 18 minutes for time-shifted TV.

Research also says more than half of all on-demand viewing -- traditional pay TV and digital media platforms -- happens on set-top boxes. More than 73 million people access on-demand libraries -- from cable, satellite, or telco providers.

VOD libraries for cable, satellite and telco providers average more than twice as many titles as Amazon and three times as many as Hulu or Netflix.

VAB says VOD offered 9 billion ad impressions in June alone -- on pace for 2016 to increase over 2015 by 11.8 billion ad impressions.



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