NEW! Tequila Brand Creates Stop-Motion Ads For Day Of The Dead

Day of the Dead, a traditional Mexican holiday when families remember loved ones who have died, begins Nov. 1 and lasts for several days. Grey Canada and Bent Image Lab created a stop-motion, digital campaign to help el Jimador tequila join in on the festivities. The campaign, #welcomeback, welcomes everyone to the party -- including the dead. Each 15-second spot features skeletons who aren't ready to stop celebrating the holiday. One skeleton is carded and the bartender tells him that "he's decomposed so well." The next video shows a bartender mixing a drink and throwing a tequila bottle his way. Only problem is the bartender takes the skeleton's arm off in the process. The last video shows a generous skeleton buying a round of drinks for the bar, but he doesn't have a wallet  -- so a human pal steps in to pay. The campaign will run on el Jimador's social media channels.
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