Grupo Gallegos Lands NEXjet Corp.

NEXjet Corp. is naming Grupo Gallegos as its AOR for the full-service jet charter and aircraft management company, based in Long Beach, California. 

There was no formal review and no incumbent. 

Grupo Gallegos will be responsible for providing strategic and creative services for NEXjet, as well as heading up the company’s digital communications through site development and interactive campaign work.

Their first collaboration will debut late next month. The creative will target high-profile travelers and private aircraft owners looking to charter their jets.

"The competitive landscape, especially in Southern California, tends to be dominated by a handful of larger aircraft management and charter operators," says Chris Mellow, director of digital and engagement, Grupo Gallegos. "NEXjet provides a differentiated experience," he added, touting it's "more personalized" service.



The media strategy will utilize both emerging and traditional channels.

"The industry is definitely continuing to move toward digital and social media as the clientele relies heavily on mobile devices," says Mellow. "Because this audience is so unique, there will be opportunities to reach them by selecting print and traditional media that they consume, as well as leveraging data to build smart targeting strategies in digital."

NEXjet was founded in 2007 by John MacMillan and Tom Reed and operates aircraft management to more than 5,000 destinations across the U.S., as well as Canada, the Caribbean, Central and South America.

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