Swing-State Mobile Marketing: Blue States Pricier Than Red States

Liftoff, a company that studies mobile user acquisition, announced on Wednesday the release of new benchmarks examining the mobile behaviors of users in red, blue and swing states.

The high-level results show that mobile marketers spend up to 22% more for swing-state subscribers than those in non-swing states.

When comparing Republican- and Democratic-leaning states, Liftoff found that marketers are willing to pay up to 65% more for a user registration in a blue state than a red one.

The major trends from the release, after analyzing 900 million ad impressions, 1.1 million app installs and 5.2 million post-install events across the country during the month of September found:

*App marketers are getting crowded out of swing states as the election approaches, paying 22% more in swing states to acquire customers. Acquisition costs for in-app game purchases are 11% higher in swing states.

*Washington, D.C., rates rank highest in the country in mobile purchases, with 91% of mobile users making in-app purchases. Technically a blue state, the nation’s capital has the highest engagement on mobile applications.

*The red states with the highest rate of mobile activity are Wyoming, South Dakota and Montana. Wyoming takes the lead in engagement among Republican states with 55% of mobile users using an installed mobile app.

*In deep blue states, marketers pay up to 65% more per acquisition than in deep red states. The report compared California, D.C and Maryland to Alabama, Oklahoma and West Virginia.

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