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Febreze Knows The Holidays Stink

The holidays come with their own set of aromas: the baking of cookies, the pine scent of a Christmas tree. But not all of them are pleasant. With guests coming and going, pets getting wet and piles of garbage, the holidays can sometimes literally stink. 

Building on its popular campaign from last year, Procter & Gamble’s Febreze brand is launching its #12Stinks of Christmas campaign, bringing together rapper Doug E. Fresh and Internet sensation Doug the Pug to work on a remixed version of the brand’s “#!2 Stinks of Christmas” jingle, which was performed by Glee stars Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison last year. 

“The holidays are an exciting time of the year, but with the endless cycle of guests, parties, and stale leftovers, they can also stink — literally,” Mandy Ciccarella, communications manager at Procter & Gamble, tells Marketing Daily. “We feel it is important to step back from the seriousness of the holidays and encourage families to laugh at themselves and these very relatable stinks.”



The two Dougs appear in a video on YouTube, beginning in a Brady Bunch-like grid setting, with sounds from jingling bells, snapping fingers and a spritzing Febreze bottle. As the remix kicks in (with the dog’s paw working the record player), the rapper counts down the stinks of the season, including: “12 musty stockings, 11 burnt cookies … 8 frying latkes … 6 boys in a room that makes you cringe,” all the way down to, “a family that really needs Febreze.”

 “Using the momentum from last year’s campaign, we reacted to consumer responses and trends, putting together a funky, fresh remix,“ Ciccarella says. 

The brand is also extending the effort globally this year, with another rendition being performed by British TV personality and comedian Paul O’Grady. That video will launch on Febreze’s UK YouTube channel next week. “Their rendition is completely original yet proves that every holiday gathering has it’s stinks,” she says of the video created by the brand’s UK team. 

In addition to appearing on YouTube, the effort will be supported through paid media on iMedia, Snapchat, iRadio and other channels, as well as through the brand’s PR effort and social media. “The goal is to reach consumers in a fun way as they manage the holiday rush and prepare for the influx of guests and parties,” Ciccarella says. “Keep an eye out for some Febreze #12Stinks of Christmas fun on social media with our stars and their friends.”

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