GoPro Sticks To A Script

For the entirety of its existence, GoPro has relied upon user-generated content to make its case for the durable high-definition cameras. The brand has set up platforms to allow for content sharing and promotion, and has used that content in its advertising and marketing. 

Now, the troubled brand is relying on scripted content to make its case. GoPro recently launched its first-ever scripted television commercial with a message that documenting one’s life doesn’t have to happen through a viewfinder or through a smartphone display. 

“We know that smartphones are here to stay; but, while appropriate in many scenarios, they don’t fit all experiences and force users to remove themselves physically, emotionally and/or mentally from the moment,” a GoPro representative tells Marketing Daily. “We’re confident this campaign’s message will resonate on an emotional level with anyone who has found themselves watching a concert through their phone screen, replaying a candid moment for a photo op, or stepping away from their friends to capture an experience they’re no longer a part of.”



The ad, which broke last week, questions the ways we’ve been documenting our lives. The spot begins with people taking in the majesty of the American Southwest via tablets and smartphones, while a voiceover asks, “Is this being in the moment?” Other shots show people jumping off rocks into a lake and watching their kids play on playgrounds while others use cell phones to capture the moment. The scenes then shift to people doing these same activities while holding selfie sticks and cameras that can go underwater, be held on a snow tube and in races. “Keep running. Keep playing. Keep dancing,” the voiceover concludes, “Just keep doing.” The spot ends with a woman using a voice command to start a camera recording the Southwest vista while she enjoys the moment.

The ad is meant to appeal to a broader range of consumer than GoPro’s traditional “extreme athlete” core. “Consumer research has proven there is great potential to introduce GoPro to more casual, everyday users,” the representative says. “The new target is really anyone that uses their smartphone to capture life moments because GoPro lets users capture those moments differently, by actually participating in them.”

The effort involves the brand’s largest TV buy to date, and includes an expanded international reach, with the spot running in the UK, Australia, Korea, Germany and France. In addition, three digital executions will dive deeper into the narratives within the television ad, giving the company to more specifically target different consumer segments, according to the representative. 

The ad push comes at a precarious time for the company, which recently launched a camera drone product, only to have to recall it amid reports of unexpected power loss while in flight. The company also saw a 40% define in third quarter revenue and lowered the outlook for its yearly revenue forecast, sending its stock into a tumble. 

Nevertheless, the company remains unbowed and optimistic. “We have an incredible new lineup of products that make it easier than ever for people to capture, edit and share their life’s experiences and passions,” says the company rep. “We’ve finally created an end-to-end storytelling solution that’s accessible to anyone, making it the perfect time to share our new offerings with the world.”

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