Evergage Launches Automated Data Monitoring

Evergage, a real-time personalized marketing company, has released a new solution that automatically monitors data analytics for marketers.

Evergage’s new solution, Evergage Guardian, incorporates machine-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to track campaign and Web site data in real-time, and reviews these insights to provide recommendations to marketers on how to optimize their performance and improve digital interactions. 

Guardian can identify and correlate variations in campaigns, traffic, business results, and Web site or mobile app performance patterns., says Karl Wirth, Evergage CEO and founder. The solution works across digital marketing channels, including email, social and advertising. 

In addition to highlighting opportunities to optimize marketing performance, Evergage Guardian also pinpoints potential technical issues and their impact on revenue.

For example, Wirth says, if a company is experiencing a site slowdown due to a technical problem, the IT department may know about it, but marketing may not. The new solution would alert marketing as well as IT users about the performance slowdown and its potential impact on revenue. Any problem or opportunity that Evergage Guardian finds is automatically weighted by business impact and role, helping customers prioritize resources to solutions that will benefit the company or organization the most.  

The new solution is available now at no additional cost to Evergage customers. Evergage works with more than 150 organizations, including Gardener’s Supply Company, Intuit, Publishers Clearing House, Rue La La and Zumiez.


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