NEW! Meet #BusterTheBoxer In Christmas Ad For John Lewis

Meet Buster the Boxer in John Lewis' 2016 Christmas ad, created by adam&eveDDB and directed by Dougal Wilson of Blink Productions. The 2:10 video stars a lovable family pet and his secret love of jumping. It all stems from watching the young daughter in the house constantly jumping on her bed. For Christmas, Mom and Dad buy her a trampoline.

Dad assembles it, during the night's cold darkness, just before Christmas. Buster is intrigued by the large contraption, unaware of its use until a family of foxes, a skunk, squirrel and a hedgehog emerge from the shadows and put the trampoline to good use. While they have a blast, Buster watches from inside, jealous and angry.

On Christmas morning, the girl bounces out of her bed and outside to see her gift. Just as she's about to climb inside and bounce till her heart's content, Buster cuts her off, leaps in and has himself a merry little Christmas. As Buster jumps, the girl and her parents can only stare, with mouths agape.



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