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Bosch Details Future Car Driver Scenario

A business trip to London in the not-too-distant future: just as the freeway exit for the airport comes into view, the mailman rings the doorbell at home. Not a problem, as long as the smart car is connected to the smart home. After a brief video chat with the mailman, the traveler gives a touchscreen command to open the front door. Next stop: the airport parking garage. The vehicle automatically takes over the job of finding a free spot while the traveler goes through security. After the plane has landed in London, the traveler’s smartphone reports “congestion on all access roads” and offers an alternative to a taxi: take the train to Regent’s Park, where an electric car has been reserved for the remainder of the journey. This vision of a business trip in the age of connected mobility was presented by Dr. Volkmar Denner, chairman of the board of management of Robert Bosch at the Automobilwoche Congress in Berlin last week.

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