Programmatic Media Buying Firm's Study Claims...Surprise, Surprise...Display Inventory Prices Will Rise 20% By 2018

A new study from programmatic ad buying firm Goodway Group found that programmatic ad inventory will rise 20% by 2018. This, claims the study, is due to publishers making better use of improved yield optimization technology.

The increase will come, specifically, from publishers adoption of header bidding, a shift away from fixed CPMs and better pricing software. The study claims the increase will come at the rate of 2% per month up until 2018.

Of the finding, Goodway Group COO Jay Friedman said ,  “We are expecting a fairly significant jump in pricing throughout the next year due to the changing nature of the market. We as an industry are getting much better at removing fraud and improving viewability which causes our inventory pool to be smaller with each improvement in these areas. With less to buy, prices increase.”

Friedman added that these price increase will not solely benefit media owners because buyers "can expect to get more bang for their buck with less spend wasted on viewability and fraud issues.”



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