Post-Election, Trump's Earned Media Soars

Now that he is President-elect -- and, in part, because of its surprised victory -- Donald Trump’s earned media value, already at high levels, has soared to even better results.

For the month of November, Trump's overall earned media value was $752.6 million -- up over 32% from his total of $568.5 million in October, according to earned media research mediaQuant. Trump’s numbers in September were $460 million; and for August, $483 million.

Earned media is defined as press interviews and appearances on all media, including TV, radio, online and print publications.

By way of comparison, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sank to a $363.5 million level, down 24% from here $479 million in October and from her $418.3 million in September.

Since the presidential campaigns began -- starting in July 2015 -- Trump amassed $6.4 billion in earned media with Clinton at $3.7 billion. During that period for other presidential contenders: Bernie Sanders was at $861.5 million; and Ted Cruz, $466 million.



Trump’s online media earned value amounted to $347.6 million during the month of November, up from $300.5 million in October; Clinton was at $164 million, down from $261.9 million in October.

Broadcast earned media for Trump was $144.7 million in November, up from $95.4 million in October; Clinton was at $74.8 million in November, down from $80.7 million in the previous month.

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