Flashtalking Partners With Tapad For Attribution Modeling

Ad server Flashtalking, announced on Monday positive results from its partnership with Tapad, a cross-device marketing company. The relationship incorporates Tapad’s Device Graph with Encore by Flashtalking, a fractional attribution modeling platform.

"Tapad's cross-device technology will allow Flashtalking clients to measure the consumer journey in a unified way across devices," stated Pierre Martensson, general manager of Tapad's data division.

"As Monarch [Airlines] deftly has illustrated, a fully-integrated cross-device strategy can have game-changing effects on understanding the customer journey."

The Monarch Airlines success resulted in 42% of converters being matched to the Tapad Device Graph. Further, 61% of IDs that converted were “bridged” -- in other words, had more than one browser ID attached to it. Of those who converted on the ads, there were on average 2.0 browser or device IDs per user.

Overall, Monarch generated a 35% lift in display ROI.



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