Instagram Puts Pinterest On Edge With New Bookmarking Option

In a move that should give Pinterest pause, Instagram is now inviting users to save pictures and videos for later viewing.

“Starting today Instagrammers can save posts they’d like to remember and revisit,” a company spokeswoman said on Wednesday.


The new feature has big implications for brands, the spokeswoman added. “What this means for brands is, their content can now live on to inspire people after it appears in-feed.”


With the change, Instagram can supplant Pinterest, which basically serves as a digital storyboard for people to visualize everything from hair-coloring options to home improvements.


At the moment, more people associate Pinterest with images of products that can be purchased, but Instagram certainly has the resources and brand connections to change that.


Already, a quarter of Instagram’s base say they use Direct to save things for later, according to internal figures.


Now, when Instagram users fancy a picture or video in the feed, they can simply tap a new bookmark icon underneath the post. Once the icon is tapped, users should see the image on a new, private tab visible only to them.


As is already possible on Pinterest, it’s only a matter of time before Instagram is inviting users to buy products features in these personal-saved posts.

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