Online Video Habits Vary By Gender, Age

More than three-quarters of consumers watch online video weekly, with a little more than half of consumers tuning in more than two hours every week.

Habits beyond that vary widely from demographic to demographic.

Men are more avid viewers, with 58% watching more than two hours per week, compared with 44% of women who do so that often, according to a new report from Limelight Networks assessing the state of online video via a survey of U.S. and U.K. users.

In addition, the report found that 68% of Millennials check out more than two hours of online video per week.

And about 24% of consumers don’t watch at all.

Most viewers say their preference is to watch TV shows over other types of content. TV is followed closely by original content on YouTube, movies and then news.

Some of these online video viewers are tuning in online because the cable bill is too high. About 41% of respondents cited price as the reason that would drive them to ditch cable or satellite, but 24% noted they’d cut the cord if they could get the channels they want a la carte online. (In some cases, consumers can do this with services like HBO Go.)

More than 68% of U.S. consumers said they pay for a subscription VOD service, with 34% getting more than one. This compares to less than half of U.K. consumers, with only 16% of U.K. consumers subscribing to more than one, Limelight reports.

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