Dove's Latest Tactic To Get Women To Define Their Own Beauty

Unilever’s Dove is introducing the latest phase of its Love Your Hair campaign. It’s the latest tactic in the brand’s broader effort that encourages women to define their own beauty. 

Developed with agencies Edelman and VaynerMedia, the project is intended to be a grassroots effort to get the next generation of girls to love their hair by leveraging generational advice. Eight in 10 women feel pressure to wear their hair a certain way.

Dove, therefore, is seeking women to serve as positive role models to impact a girl's confidence. They upload a photo at to create a customized, animated message that they then share with "a special young women in their lives."  The messages are short and sweet and refer to loving someone’s “bouncy” or “spirally” or “curly” hair, to name a few examples.



At the LoveYourHair site Dove has posted the message about the pressure women feel to wear their hair a certain way. “For many, that pressure begins at a young age,” the message states. “But as a mother, parent, mentor, friend–you can make a difference. Celebrate the beauty of her hair today–so she loves her hair tomorrow.”

The program will be supported by prominent influencers and bloggers, including Whitney White, Mindy McKnight, Laura Sykora, as well as additional influential moms using the hashtag #LoveYourHair.

Although Dove intends it to be U.S.-focused, this campaign has spread across borders as it discusses a universal message. 

Dove's original Love Your Hair project launched in April 2016. One commercial from that effort has received more than 14 million views. 

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