Black Lives Matter Hires J. Walter Thompson

Perhaps you've heard of Black Lives Matter. Well, of course you have. The non-profit advocacy group has had its fair share of publicity in the past year or two but it looks like the organization is seeking some control over that publicity and the narrative behind that publicity. Black Lives Matter has hired  J. Walter Thompson as its first agency or record.

Already the two have worked together to create the site Backing Black Business which aims to highlight black-owned small businesses. And that's just the beginning. JWT will help Black Lives Matter move beyond its social media hype and focus on its long term goals of supporting African American causes.

Of working with JWT, Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors said, "We’re thrilled to partner with J. Walter Thompson and in particular this effort to uplift and sustain black businesses. Right now, we need to invest in black businesses more than ever."

JWT will handle the account on a pro-bono basis. Hopefully, it's the noble cause it seems to be and not an underhanded attempt at distracting us from that whole Erin Johnson/Gustavo Martinez debacle.





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