Nativo Collaborates With Ceros On Native Content At Scale

Native ad-tech firm Nativo on Thursday said it's collaborating with Ceros, a content creation platform, to enable brands and publishers to deliver interactive native experiences. Nativo said Bloomberg Media will use both platforms to create and deliver content experiences to audiences at scale.

Ceros helps brands and publishers deliver branded content experiences. However, automating and measuring these experiences remains a challenge, according to Simon Berg, co-founder and CEO, Ceros. He said the Nativo partnership will help Ceros clients resolve operational challenges.

The Ceros platform enables publishers to embed interactive elements into their native campaigns. Nativo’s content management system and native ad server allows publishers and brands to deliver these experiences at scale on brands’ own sites as well as across more than 400 publishers.

Digital advertising often requires trade-offs between impact and scale—either advertisers achieve high impact at low scale, or achieve low impact at high scale, according to Justin Choi, CEO at Nativo. “As content increasingly becomes the new ‘ad creative’ that marketers look for, brands and publishers need to find scalable ways to create engaging content that’s impactful and differentiated,” Choi said.



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