Vermont Ad Agency Wants You to Take Your Business to Rhode Island

During the time period between Christmas and New Year's there isn't much going on in the advertising business and so those of us charged with filling daily editorial quotas are left with, well, not much. And so today, let's take a look at one Vermont ad agency's strange twist on content marketing.

OnlineStartupBox -- yes, that’s the agency's real name -- has penned a blog post entitled How Agencies Help Strengthen Brand Loyalty. Now a post with that title could pretty much go just about anywhere but this post goes in a decidedly odd direction. Unless, of course, those behind OnlineStartupBox have a father/mother/sister/brother/cousin/girlfriend who runs an ad agency in Rhode Island.

You see, the post -- penned by a Vermont ad agency -- is all about why you should hire an ad agency based in Rhode Island.

Heaping praise on the tiny state's ad agencies, the post reads, "For businesses in the Northeast, seeking the help of Rhode Island advertising agencies can help you put your advertising dollars in the right areas while helping you save money. The Internet is a great place to advertise, but for most small companies they have no idea where to even begin. The same also holds true for offline marketing. Many business owners market themselves through mailers, coupons, radio spots and television commercials, but have no idea what questions to ask to ensure their dollars are spent on the right mediums and as efficiently as possible. This is where a Rhode Island Ad agency can offer value by showing you what to do and how to do it. Many Rhode
Island advertising agencies handle marketing campaigns from soup to nuts, including design, copywriting, reporting and campaign assessment. Why would a business owner not look into this option when
he or she is also most likely putting out fires and running the day to day operations of the business?"

Oh and let's not forget, "A Rhode Island advertising agency can be the most important ingredient for the long term health of a company."

A Rhode Island ad agency, people!

Get dialin' the 401 people or your business is going to fail bigly!



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