2016 Was Filled With Drama, Racism, Scandal and Rape Jokes

As you would expect, there's not much going on in the advertising world this week. Everyone's on vacation. If you are actually in the office, you aren't getting any work done because everyone else is on vacation. And so this week's ad media is filled with space filler
stuff like wrap-ups, round-ups, profiles and the like.

Over at Campaign, they've pulled together a round-up of the year's advertising-related scandals. It's all there from JWT's sexual harassment thing with CEO Gustavo Martinez and Erin Johnson to the ANA study on agency kick backs to the incredibly crazy story of Bill Grizack who bilked millions out of unsuspecting agencies with fake clients to Rapp Global CEO Alexi Orlov resigning after making disparaging remarks about women and Jews to Saatchi & Saatchi Chairman Kevin Roberts proclaiming "the fucking debate is over" in relation to gender equality in the workplace.

It was a messy year for sure but like a kid in a candy store or a lonely guy at a bar in Vegas who's approached by a "lady of the night," straying from the straight and narrow is business as usual for our beloved advertising business.

Expect more mess in 2017.



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