Sharethrough Bows Integration With Adelphic, Looks To Boost Native Investment For Ad Buyers

Native advertising supply-side platform (SSP) Sharethrough on Tuesday announced a native programmatic ad integration with Adelphic, a mobile and cross-channel demand-side platform (DSP).

The integration aims to help trading desks and media buyers who use Adelphic’s DSP to access large audiences with in-feed display and video placements across mobile sites and apps on the Sharethrough Exchange through Adelphic’s self-serve native workflow.

The deal combines Adelphic’s mobile ad expertise with Sharethrough’s publisher network. It will comply with the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s OpenRTB 2.3 specification that standardized the component parts for the real-time trading of native ads.

Adelphic is known in the mobile and cross-channel advertising spaces for developing patented technology that overcomes the limits of user identification in mobile and across channels. Its technology aims to break down billions of data points to help brands better understand which customers they’re talking to on mobile platforms.



Sharethrough said Adelphic is the first DSP to allow third-party buyers to purchase native video placements on the Sharethrough Exchange programmatically.

“Integrating with a vertical DSP like Adelphic shows how much the programmatic native market has matured,” Alex White, VP product marketing at Sharethrough, told Real-Time Daily via email. White hinted that he expects more integrations in 2017 to support in-feed native video programmatically.

Sharethrough reported $140 million in native ad spend running through its platform in 2016. More than 75% of the impressions served through the Sharethrough Exchange in Q3 2016 were on mobile devices, with 77% of that inventory from the mobile Web.

Sharethrough also said mobile native ads present unique requirements, as the units’ dimensions need to be optimized for with click-through rates that can be as much as three times higher than desktop ads. But they also have lower viewability rates than desktop equivalents — 24% viewability on mobile vs. 38% on desktop, according to the company’s data.  

Native video on mobile is projected to exceed $20 billion in ad spend in 2017, according to Business Insider Intelligence.

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