This Ad Agency Executive Has The Answer To Gender Equality In Advertising

Writing in Campaign, Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO Group Chief Executive Cilla Snowball, made note of the improvements in agency gender equality she's seen since 1981. At that time, women made up 47% of the

workforce with 18% in creative positions and 14% in management.

Today, it's a little better with 51% women comprising the workforce with 26% in creative and 27% in management. But Snowball says that isn't enough and she's put forth a few things the industry can do to
reach gender equality nirvana.

Her suggestions include eliminating the gender pay divide, offer unconscious bias training for everyone to combat unintended biases, understand existing gender make up and set goals for improving things, hire more female creatives, encourage women to say what they do and don't want, encourage men to lead diversity efforts among other suggestions.

You can check out her full recommendations here.



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