NEW! There's A 'Lady On The Run," But From What?

I'd love to see this woman on the lam appear in future ads for Kohler. I need her backstory! "Lady on the Run" is part of the brand's "Never TOO Wanted" campaign.

Viewers watch the majority of the ad not knowing what's being advertised. I was actually interested in why this woman was wanted by the police, what her crime was and whether she'd escape.

The ad begins with the brunette mystery woman entering a diner. The waitress gives her a shady look, as she's watching the news report about a woman on the run.

Entering the bathroom, the brunette is actually a long-haired blonde, but not for long. Eyeing Kohler's "Composed" faucet, the woman gives herself a pixie cut and walks right out of the diner, swarming with cops,  with the faucet in her bag. Who knew faucets could be so exciting?

DDB Chicago created the campaign.

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