Investopedia Launches 'The Trump Economy' Microsite has launched “The Trump Economy,” an interactive microsite offering information about the impact of the 45th President’s policies on the markets and individuals’ financial lives.

“We wanted to create a content experience where our readers can find as much information as they want on one page and share their views on the new administration,” stated Caleb Silver, editor-in-chief of Investopedia.

“The more easily investors can access the most relevant information, the faster they can adapt.”

Investors, particularly those less sophisticated, are unsure what impact Trump’s whimsical policies may have on their various investments. “The Trump Economy” helps center a user’s questions, adding news and commentary to the mix.

The page is centered around a Content Wheel with seven spokes covering:

* Financial News and Events from the White House

* A Trump Economic Scorecard

* Breakdown of Trump’s Policies

* An Interactive Voting Platform

* Key Player Profiles

* Financial Terms

* FAQs

Currently, 46% of Investopedia visitors approve of Donald Trump’s presidency thus far, a number significantly higher than recent national polls.

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