Kochava Debuts New App Fraud Verifier Tool

Kochava, a provider of attribution, analytics, and optimization tools for connected devices, on Tuesday announced the release of its Traffic Verifier, a feature that allows marketers to validate traffic, set a global blacklist, and set frequency caps for impressions and clicks at the device and network/site ID level.

Marketers will have real-time abatement tools so that fraudulent traffic is scored and can be excluded from the attribution waterfall, according to Charles Manning, CEO of Kochava.

Traffic Verifier aims to address the lack of transparency between marketers and the ads trafficked on their behalf. Media buys are often offloaded to sub-publishers, creating a the need for fraud prevention and abatement. Kochava said that Traffic Verifier gives marketers a mechanism to qualify, in real-time, that the impressions and clicks targeted by their partners are eligible for attribution and meet their insertion order requirements.

Kochava said that Traffic Verifier also includes a global fraud blacklist that incorporates known fraudulent devices, site identifiers by media source, and IP addresses, all of which are identified through proprietary algorithms using statistical methodologies for identification. The list is dynamically updated and grows or shrinks based on the most recent behavior of the identified fraud techniques. 



Kochava customers can use frequency capping to automatically weed out bot traffic and browser hijacking. They can also use it at the network/site ID level to stop click-spamming for the purpose of manipulating attribution. The frequency capping tools also serve as a means to manage frequency vs. reach in their campaigns — ensuring that campaigns don’t overrun agreed-upon limits. 

Using Traffic Verifier, Kochava said its customers can define the criteria for valid traffic, as well as how invalid and unverified traffic should be handled. The platform offers dynamic notice of violations, and customers retain control of how traffic is validated or rejected programmatically. For example, if a gaming company wants to target users in certain countries on a particular operating system, they can verify that the proper geo-targeting and device version standards are in place — halting attribution unless all aspects of the insertion order are respected.


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  1. Chuck Lantz from 2007ac.com, 2017ac.com network, January 24, 2017 at 5:50 p.m.

    It should be interesting to see if numbers will now be handled as "pre-Kochava or post-Kochava", in a similar fashion to what's now employed in major league baseball's pre- and post-PED eras.

    Or, "our impressions are steroid-free." 

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