Planit Rejuvenates Dr. Brandt Skincare

Dr. Brandt Skincare is undergoing a makeover for the first time since the brand's namesake founder committed suicide in 2015.

Developed with agency Planit, the relaunch is designed to honor that founder--Frederic Brandt--while establishing a brand that can live beyond him and engage new consumers.

The relaunch includes photography, Web site redesign and development, content strategy, digital brand evolution, as well as an e-commerce platform migration.

"Our goal was to evolve the brand – tell the Dr. Brandt story but still remain relevant to a modern day customer with streamlined purchasing online and mobile shopping," says Jess Brown, digital creative director, Planit.

The revamped digital strategy centers on a flagship store online that educates visitors about the products by weaving science into the site’s narrative. "We provided more information on the product in a simplified way – humanizing it but leaning on the science," says Brown.



For example, viewers can access demo videos and product pages offer recommendations solution tips. The intent is to gain new and younger consumers while offering information that is packaged to appeal to consumers of all ages.  

New images also pivot away from the clinical look and feel of traditional skincare marketing — such as dewy faces and young models — toward a more artistic aesthetic. "We introduced science into the brand in an artful way, letting skincare be the first step towards beauty," says Brown.

There is also a tribute page to founder Brandt, who had served as a brand advocate for the skincare company.

The company hopes that the new positioning will help it double in size within four years, potentially reaching the $150 million revenue mark by 2020.

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