Extreme Reach Kicks Off Campaign To Stream TV Ads Cross-Platform

Extreme Reach has launched a marketing campaign for a new cloud-based video product that streams television ads in real time to any digital device. The TV ads live on the platform, which also supports full talent and rights compliance guidelines.

The campaign will run across online publications such as CNN and CNNMoney. John Roland, CEO of Extreme Reach, likened the service to Spotify or Netflix. He said North American video assets can be streamed into any campaign.

Brands retain control of their video assets, so they are not strewn across the Internet creating talent and rights fines.

"When the talents and rights agreements run out, they cannot stop them from running. It's a $75 million annual problem and growing, 20% annually," he said. "The brands are getting fined from SAG-AFRA and the talent agencies."   

Extreme Reach, which processes $1.3 billion in talent payments annually, requires one master. For brands like Coca-Cola and General Motors, Extreme Reach holds the talent and rights for video ads, which tells them what screens the ads can run, when and for how long.



The company is trying to solve workflow issues between television and online video. While there are clearly custom video formats, from native advertising to interactive video, about 90% of the time brands use the same 15-second and 30-second commercial across media such as programmatic video, each costing about $350,000 to produce.

Feedback to simplify workflows and provide enhanced data comes from customers, which in turn, generates projects. Roland said the company has gone through a two-week product development cycle for nearly nine years. The workflow needs fixing, since it remains in silos, he said.

"While programmatic video can happen in milliseconds, the time to get the video ads to run the campaign can take weeks," he said. "It's a scene from the 1990s, where the digital agency calls the creative agency, which calls the television distribution agency. It becomes a maze of calls, texts and emails." 

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