LiveIntent, LiveRamp Offer 'People-Based' Marketing For Brands, Publishers

LiveIntent, a platform for so-called “people-based marketing” that focuses on the email channel, and LiveRamp, an Acxiom company that offers omnichannel identity resolution services, on Monday announced a partnership to offer “people-based” inventory to media buyers at scale.

The goal is to compete with similar offerings from Facebook and Google. LiveIntent will use LiveRamp’s IdentityLink Identity Resolution product to offer reach and scale in order to offer marketers the ability to address their customers with custom messaging and measurement across the web.

One definition of “people-based marketing” is that it attempts to  accurately reach consumers wherever they are (online, mobile, and in-store) and on any device. Each device offers a different experience for the consumer and invites different forms of messaging.

LiveRamp said that LiveIntent's platform offers a new option for addressable “people-based” inventory from a logged-in, viewable, and fraud-free environment that's incremental to its existing efforts. Anonymized partner data flows into and out of the LiveIntent Platform, giving marketers the ability to close the loop on their known users.

Through the partnership powered by email addresses, LiveRamp said it hopes to increase the ease with which its customers can find their customers and prospects across LiveIntent’s audience of 145 million unique monthly people outside of the email channel. Essentially, the email address will serve as an identifier for brands finding their known audiences as they cross the open Web.

In the LiveRamp Connect portal, from which LiveRamp customers direct the transfer of their audiences and data, LiveIntent will be a highlighted destination for those brands and advertisers seeking incremental, people-based inventory. Using IdentityLink, advertisers will be able to load people-based audiences they have set up for targeting into LiveIntent's Platform with the goal of increasing awareness, loyalty, and/or sales.

“We are just scratching the surface around people-based marketing,” LiveIntent founder and CEO Matt Keiser, told Real-Time Daily via email. “This partnership transforms regular media into people-based media, through the power of email address data, and gives marketers the ability to drive connection and frequency across channels.

"Marketing strategies now revolve around people, not devices, and with this partnership, brands can reach people programmatically, at scale. Brands can find their audiences programmatically with a level of Identity resolution previously unknown. This empowers brands to reach people wherever they are paying attention.”



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