NEW! In Sprint's Super Bowl Ad, Man Fakes Death To Ditch Verizon Bill

Faking his death seems an easier fate for a man stuck in a Verizon contract. Sprint's Super Bowl ad, running in the second quarter, shows an even easier way to handle the dilemma: Switch to Sprint.

"Car" begins with a family atop a mountain. Dad pushes the family car off, with a mannequin inside, as his two children look on. "Well kids, daddy's dead," he says.

On cue, out saunters Sprint spokesman Paul Marcarelli, aka the former Verizon spokesman. He explains that a switch to Sprint would have saved the family car, money each month and the father's dignity. If there's any brand that makes coming in second look normal and acceptable, it's Sprint. Post-Super bowl, a 45-second version of the ad will run online. Droga5 created the campaign.



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