Amtrak Partnership Gives Riders Digital Access To 'Washington Post'

The Washington Post has expanded its partnership with Amtrak to give more riders free, unlimited digital access to its content.

WaPo will provide free access to its digital content to riders on Acela Express and Northeast Regional trains, as well as train services that operate on the Northeast Corridor and through the Midwest, all of which are Wifi-enabled.

“People want to be informed in a way that is convenient for them, so we’re always thinking about the best platforms to reach new readers where they are,” stated Leili Boroumand, head of business development and partnerships for the newspaper.

Previously, the partnership only gave riders on Acela Express trains access to The Washington Post’s digital content.



“Amtrak, like The Washington Post, is committed to providing innovative and enhanced experiences for our customers, so this partnership was a natural fit,” stated Jason Molfetas, EVP of marketing and business development.

Amtrak launched its own national magazine for seat-back distribution last fall, titled The National, with a bimonthly publication schedule. The magazine is produced by British travel publisher Ink.

The cultural magazine took the place of Amtrak’s previous custom publication, Arrive, which was distributed on the Northeast Corridor line.

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